Products that reduce falls and injuries you can buy at

Older Adult Falls Cost About $50 billion a Year*
* AARP 2018

AskLearnGo Home Safety Class

Competitive edge over online sales

Our home safety and fall prevention class brings customers to you. Companies like Amazon simply can’t compete with the hands-on experience of having an expert demonstrate what products to buy in order to keep elderly parents safe.

Increased Profit

Our classes increased sales for both Toys R Us & Walmart. Additional sales are generated from customers who shop while their family members take our class.

Target Customers

We pool marketing with multiple organizations for each event. For the home safety event, we coordinate with local medical/hospitals, city and government organizations to direct traffic to Bed Bath & Beyond.

See what store managers say about our classes.

Learn to ride a bicycle class: “Sales increase of 50% in the Toys & Bicycle Dept.”

Mehdi Rahemi

Store Manager, Walmart Store# 2963

What We Offer (click tabs for more info)

Seniors and their adult children want to remain in their home. Our Occupational and Physical Therapists specialize in reducing fall risk. We do this by demonstrating Bed Bath & Beyond merchandise (e.g., grab bars, shower chairs, non-slip mats, ring doorbells, etc.).

Who we are

We are a group of (certified and insured) Therapists who specialize in fall prevention and home safety.
We use large organizations to bring customers to you
We are affiliated with the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT), Toys R Us, Girl/Boy Scouts, Miami Heat, University of Miami, Baptist Medical, multiple south Florida cities and more.

Want To Collaborate?

ASK us a question. LEARN about what you’re looking for. GO have fun!

What we do for Bed Bath & Beyond

Class: 1 hour class focusing on products in Bed Bath & Beyond that improve home safety and reduce fall risk.
Target Customer: Seniors and their adult children. 
Marketing: AskLearnGo collaborates with government, medical and non-for-profit organizations to bring customers to Bed Bath & Beyond.

Proof of Insurance
Most therapists already have malpractice insurance. Moreover, AskLearnGo carries $1 million/$2 million general liability insurance. Lastly, all riders/parents sign a waver.
There's no other service like ours
  • Products: We conduct home safety evaluation and equipment recommendations. We will demonstrate how Bed Bath & Beyond products will improve home safety for the elderly.
  • Physical Screening: Our medical training allows us to assess and educate on topics like low vision, balance, fall prevention strategies. 
  • Home safety evaluation: we offer free online screening questionnaires. 


We will bring customers to Walmart by offering free introductory bicycle riding classes and free helmets.

Toys R Us

We developed a national bicycle riding program for Toys R Us. Average sales increase of 700% for bicycle products.

Florida Deptartment of Transportation (FDOT)

Through our affiliation with FDOT, we can provide free bicycle helmets to every customer who attends our bicycle workshop.

Miami Heat

AskLearnGo partners with sports organizations to teach safety and riding skills.

Boy Scouts of South FL

AskLearnGo has provided lessons to the Boy Scouts that can be used to earn the Cycle Patch.

Girl Scouts

AskLearnGo has provided education services at Girl Scout events that can be used for the Cycling Patch

Baptist Health South Florida

AskLearnGo teams up with Baptist Health to promote a healthy lifestyle through bicycle riding events.

Florida Bicycle Association

AskLearnGo is endorsed by the Florida Bicycle Association.

University of Miami

AskLearnGo is endorsed by the University of Miami’s Bike Safe program.


AskLearnGo has held multiple bicycle riding events for special needs and typical children.

The Ask: meet with the business development manager.

Our Goal: Develop a national senior home safety program to bring customers to Bed Bath & Beyond.

Don't Be Shy

ASK us a question. LEARN about what you’re looking for. GO have fun!
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