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AskLearnGo’s goal is to increase medical professionals’ marketing and client outreach. 
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Problem: Recent government and insurance changes are disrupting how medical professionals get paid and who can use their services. In response, medcial professionals are seeking independence from these traditional reimbursement models through new sources of private pay clients. 

Solution: AskLearnGo breaks the dependence on insurance/government payment sources by providing a unique channel to find clients outside of the traditional norm.

AskLearnGo conducts workshops in partnership with large organizations that attract new clients who do not realize they can benefit from therapeutic services. For example, we partner with Walmart to provide bicycle riding classes that help us identify children who can benefit from therapy services. 

How we do it:

  • We recruit clients from untapped populations. Why focus on the traditional 13% of special needs/sick rather than the 87% of typical population?
  • We focus on cash payment thus avoiding the hassles of the insurance reimbursement process.
  • AskLearnGo will market your services through our joint marketing initiatives with our retail and non-profit partners, website, social media, and our website ( which offers appointment calendars and payment systems.


Below is a list of some of the organizations/businesses we’ve worked with:

We are also developing and marketing a geriatric safety and fall prevention program for Bed Bath & Beyond and a Picky Eater’s program for Whole Foods.

AskLearnGo’s first offering is a “how to ride a bicycle” class. The events are held at locations such as Walmart stores. We also partner with city and state government organizations such as the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) to participate in city events that educate people on bicycle safety.  These organizations market our event and drive potential clients to us.

On the day of the event, we provide free 15-minute introductory bicycle riding classes, helmet safety education or small group riding activities. We also provide paid group and private bicycle riding classes. Moreover, we use this opportunity to market our therapy skills to typical clients who can benefit from consultation or therapy intervention.

     “If we can teach your child to ride a bicycle in one session, imagine how we can help with concerns like school related issues”.

As we teach how to ride, we are able to identify potential clients. We encourage clients to visit the therapist’s personal web page to learn about other private services. Moreover, satisfied customers often share with their friends about our therapy services; driving more clients to us.

All of our clients are self-pay. Clients are encouraged to self-submit our invoice to their insurance company. Most clients are excited to learn that even if they’re not reimbursed directly, payments can often be applied to their yearly deductible.

A great place to start is to take our CEU Course

Occupational Therapists, Physical Therapists, Speech & Language Therapists, Nursing and other health-related services.

How AskLearnGo Markets YOU

Cash Payment

We monetize 10% of event attendees. Payment is always cash or credit before scheduled appointments.  The average event topic payment is $100-150 per session. Minimal time is devoted to documentation. 


We collaborate with government organizations such as Dept. of Transportation.  Through this partnership, we gain access to working with cities local to the therapist as well as other organizations who work with the government (e.g., Miami Heat). 

Likewise, for private companies like Walmart, we help sell in-store products that target desirable clients.

Online presence

We provide our medical professionals with online marketing (e.g., search engine optimization and personal website). Also, each medical expert receives a personal webpage, online booking calendar, online payment resources, and personalized coupon system. 

Want To Collaborate?

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Frequently Asked Questions

AskLearnGo is working toward connecting clients directly to professionals. We want to eliminate middlemen, documentation and preapproval bureaucracy. We want therapists to earn what they’re worth.

 Examples of marketing sessions (click on tabs below)

Our most popular program is a private riding session. We typically bill $150 per one-hour session. We also allow you to create coupons by percentage or dollar value off.

  • We use group sessions to offer bicycle lessons at a significant discount. This is a great tool for larger organizations. 
  • Group sessions mandate that parents participate, while the therapist coordinates. 
  • Appropriate for small groups (4-19 clients per hour) and individual lessons
  • When working with a large number of kids (e.g., Miami Dolphins or local city government)
  • Bicycle safety and maintenance activities
  • Riders learn hands-on activities such as safety, use of gear, bicycle maintenance and more.
  • All activities are hands-on (e.g., inflating a balloon with a pump until it explodes, using scientific-method to estimate how to keep a water balloon from popping using a helmet, using power tools to change a tire, checking an inner tube leak, etc.)
  • Appropriate for: large groups (>20 per hour)
What kind of clients do you work with?

We do not focus on special needs or traditional medically fragile clients. Instead, we focus on “typical” clients who are unaware of our services. For example, to find typical children who can benefit from therapeutic intervention, we created a bicycle riding course that attracts typical children at organizations like Boy/Girl Scouts and who’s parents visit stores like Walmart. For typical adults, we created a course for home safety and fall prevention and targeted adults between ages 50-65 with elderly parents. We then aligned ourselves with hospital systems such as and retail stores such as Bed Bath & Beyond. 

Start up cost

If you’ve ever looked into starting your own practice you know how many hurdles thwart your progress. All expenses are related to marketing your practice. So, payments you make go back into marketing your event and into a larger national pool with other clinicians to afford more expensive outreach.

Child bike riding course: There are a few items you’ll need: Bike tools, small bicycle, and marketing materials (e.g., business) cards are an inexpensive way to start.

We recommend that you take our CEU course to get you started.

Adult fall prevention and home safety course: email us to participate.

How we grow your private practice

By working with AskLearnGo, you will be provided with:
* lock in a territory for all referrals.
* general liability/malpractice insurance.
* build you a personal web page.
* promote you using social media marketing.
* Build a relationship with your local government and the business community.

    The Ask Learn Go bicycle program is a great program setup to teach kids of all ages to learn to ride a bicycle. The team is very professional and patient and has demonstrated the skills needed to train kids.  This company has completed several events at our location and the feedback from the parents has been outstanding. 
    The event is advertised at least 2 weeks in advance with flyers provided by Ask Learn Go. Parents do show an interest in the event and always ask when is the next event scheduled.
During the event we have seen an increase in bike sales and accessories. The trainers always recommend a bike for the child and assist the parents to find the right helmet. 
    This event would definitely drive traffic and increase sales if held more often. 

Susan Miller

Store Manager, Toys R Us


“Sales increase of 50% in the Toys & Bicycle Dept.”, Mehdi Rahemi (Store Manager: Walmart Store# 2963)

Boy Scouts of South FL

AskLearnGo has provided lessons to the Boy Scouts that can be used to earn the Cycle Patch.

Girl Scouts

AskLearnGo has provided education services at Girl Scout events that can be used for the Cycling Patch

Baptist Health South Florida

The mission of Baptist Health is to improve the health and well-being of individuals, and to promote the sanctity and preservation of life, in the communities we serve. Baptist Health is a faith-based organization guided by the spirit of Jesus Christ and the Judeo-Christian ethic.

Florida Bicycle Association

AskLearnGo is endorsed by the Florida Bicycle Association.

University of Miami

AskLearnGo is endorsed by the University of Miami’s Bike Safe program.


AskLearnGo has held multiple bicycle riding events for special needs and typical children.

Toys R Us

We hold weekly events at Toys R Us locations. Average sales increase of 700% for bicycle products.

Don't Be Shy

ASK us a question. LEARN about what you’re looking for. GO have fun!
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