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Frequently Asked Questions

AskLearnGo – Therapy & Education Resources

Are you a bicycle company?

No. We are a group of medical therapists. We use events like bicycle riding to showcase our skills.

What other programs do you offer?

Senior: Home safety and fall prevention. Products and exercises to keep the elderly safe at home. We also offer home exercise programs to reduce fall risk and safety. Click on to register.
Child/Adult: What’s better than learning to ride a bicycle?  We work with Walmart and FDOT to bring you free introductory lessons. click on to register.

Upcoming programs :
Picky Eaters: Is your child’s eating difficulty sensory or behavioral?  We’ll help your child cook, explore new foods and learn how to read labels.

Email us if you’d like to participate.

What do Occupational, Physical & Speech therapists do?

I am a therapist, how do I join AskLearnGo?

Got questions? We love to provide answers. Our goal is to help amazing therapists exit the dark and shine. 

Lets set up a time to talk and confirm we’re the right fit. 

Click on:

Is AskLearGo a non-for-profit?

No. AskLearnGo’s mandate is to promote the amazing skills of therapists. 


At AskLearnGo we believe that healthcare and education experts have underutilized knowledge that can empower people to make a positive change in their lives. However, for many experts it’s like flexing muscles in the dark; the experts know what they have, but no one else does. 


The way we market these experts is by inviting potential clients to free classes. Once a relationship is built with the expert, clients can learn about other services the expert offers.  


Currently, we have partnered with large organizations (e.g., Walmart, FDOT, Girl Scouts, etc) to launch our first service: bicycle riding classes. 

As typical and special needs clients learn to ride from our experts, the experts are able to market other services that they offer (i.e., if we can teach your child to ride a bike, imagine how we can help them succeed at school?).

Are your services covered by insurance?

YES. Since we are all registered medical professionals our services can be covered by your insurance or count toward your deductible. We encourage you to consult with your insurance prior to registering for paid services. 

What if I am out of your service area?

Not to worry, we offer virtual consultation. Using your smartphone or computer, we’re able to consult with you to help answer your questions. We’re often running specials. Contact us to see how we can help. 

What if I don't need therapy or I am not sick?

Many of our clients do not require long-term services. That’s why we offer a consultative model. Ask us about your concern. Learn from our experts how to address your concern. Go on and enjoy your new learned knowledge.

How Do I Get Started?


Happy kids, parents and adult riders. Watch their stories.  

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