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AskLearnGo – Bicycle Lessons

How are you able to get most students to learn to ride in 1 lesson?

Every student has different skills and requires different amounts of time to learn to ride a bicycle. So, we can’t guaranty that the student will become a rider in 1 lesson. However, we offer free group classes until one becomes a rider.

How do you teach riding skills.

We are trained therapists who specialize in understanding developmental and physical skills. We use this knowledge to teach bicycle riding like no other can.

1. Remove the fear of falling by focusing on gliding/walking a bike and not riding:
* we lower the seat to ensure both feet are on the ground.
* We remove the pedals and focus.

2. We teach kids to take larger and larger steps while seated on the bike; eventually, raising the feet up in the air and gliding.

3. We use a special bicycle handle to ensure that we’re in control of the bike and reduce the risk of falling.

What equipment do I need?

The best type of bicycle to use when learning to ride is one that is a little smaller than you may expect. Remember, if you can’t reach the ground, balance and riding is a scary thing.

We are happy to recommend the right bicycle for you.

We can even provide a practice bicycle during private lessons. 

We use a yellow bicycle handle to support and control a new rider. 

We and our partners at FDOT encourage everyone to use a bicycle helmet and learn/obey the rules of the road

Are your services covered by insurance?

YES. Since we are all registered medical professionals (Occupatioanal Therapists & Physical Therapists), our services can be covered by your insurance or count toward your deductible. We encourage you to consult with your insurance prior to registering for paid services. 

What do Occupational & Physical therapists do?

How Do I Get Started?


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